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I created lumisonix in late 2004 as a PA hire and Live Events services provider as well as branching out into installation and service work in the Live/Hire industry. The project was finally put on the back burner in 2009 as other work commitments meant it was no longer viable to keep running lumisonix as a business.   I still lend out the kit I have left to friends and family and help out with a local stables open day each year.


Since 2009, lumisonix has evolved to form the hub for my various hobbies and interests, mainly my Amateur Photography .   It is still a work in progress but there are a few galleries showcasing some of my work.   I also host the files and information for some designs made for a popular Flight Simulator called X-Plane, one of which was designed for and contest run by  Popular Mechanics magazine.   It was also featured in the article and proved to be a popular design largely due to its eye-catching livery.



A collection of designs for the flight simulator game X-Plane.   These are mainly built to be added to the current version of X-plane and range from small personal aeroplanes to military fighters and business jets.   The design ethos was to bring together cutting edge materials and construction with the latest avionics, electronics, control systems and next generation propulsion technologies.

X-plane can be purchased direct from the website, through steam or from the online x-plane community forums.   Links can be found below as well as a link to the utility that allows you to fly online with other x-plane users.

X-Plane Official Website community

X-Flightserver online flight server

X-Plane also available on Steam

- In Development -


Click on the images below to see more information about each design as well as the download link for each aircraft.